Thursday, October 20, 2011

TK's Oct. 20, 2011 Fishing Report-Steelhead!!

Fishing Report

October 20, 2011

Steelhead Weather

After a long spell of some really nice weather, Mother Nature realized that it was the middle of October and adjusted the weather accordingly. Last weekend's weather and rainfall shot some more migratory fish up stream - both salmon and steelhead in the Manistee and Betsie Rivers. I would suspect that the supply of salmon from Lake Michigan is dwindling, but one never knows as you can typically find fish in the river into November. There are still lots of salmon in the spawning areas of both rivers doing their routine with steelhead munching on the eggs behind them and in the tail outs of holes near spawning gravel.

Most of my attention has been focused on the steelhead as they have been sassy when hooked with the water temps in the mid 50s. White bellies, olive/black backs and a hint of pink in the cheeks next to their chrome sides is what you see when they are in your hands for a photo. Look for the recent winds to push more fish close to the river mouths and the increased river flows inviting the fish upstream. This should be a great fall to swing flies with water temps being warmer than normal. Successful flies include lots of eggs, buggers, caddis, Hex nymphs, and more eggs. Did I mention eggs? Read here for more info. on the egg bite.

The rain should make for some really good streamer fishing for trout on the trout waters that are open this late in the season. Go with some big streamers with lots of motion in them for some big fish and be sure to put a pause in the retrieve for that territorial pounce when fishing the cooler water temps.

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- Due to a cancellation, I have October 30th available - call or e-mail if interested -

-October offers some of the best Fall Steelhead fishing of the year-

-Trout remains an option throughout fall with new water in 2011-

- November is steelhead and trout time on the Lower Manistee -

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