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TK's Fishing Report 10/27/21... Still Steelhead!

Fishing Report

October 27, 2011

Fall Weather, Fall Fishing

Conditions the past week have been a bit closer to what one would expect for this time of year - some frost in the morning, some rain, wind and generally cooler weather. Fishing has remained mostly solid however with the weather fluctuations, the fish's willingness, too, has been fluctuating with clients doing well one day and slower the next. Water temperatures remain a few degrees warmer than normal for this time of year which is advantageous for steelhead fishing. The last influx of rain triggered some steelhead migration but didn't bring up many new salmon which might mean the spigot of fish is closing on the Manistee River. The Betsie is still getting a trickle of king salmon moving upstream and the Boardman in town also has good numbers of salmon in it and now that the gates on the weir have been lifted there are salmon dispersed throughout the river system.

The fly preference of steelhead has been mixed - some days only smaller, natural eggs are working and the next larger nymphs and streamers like hex and steelhead buggers. Always run one egg pattern and switch back and forth between two eggs and a combo when fishing near the spawning fish. In other words, mix it up.

The trout fishing - from what I hear, has improved for the streamer angler looking to score. With a drop in water temp and an increase in flows combined with some post-spawn behavior of brown trout, one could have a good day casting big flies on a large sink-tip line. As the salmon diminish on the Manistee, look for the resident trout fishing to really turn on as they are looking to continue to put on their feed bag.

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-Trout remains an option throughout fall with new water in 2011-

- November is steelhead and/or trout time on the Lower Manistee -

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