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Ted's November 3, 2011 Fly Fishing Report

Fishing Report

November 3, 2011

October in November

With a warm summer and mild fall, the water temperatures are a little warmer than normal for this time of year making for October like conditions for both steelhead and trout. Frequent rainfalls have kept the rivers full of water and provided a pretty good supply of steelhead moving up the rivers and its made for good streamer fishing for the trout angler. You will find that the rivers have come up from Thursday's rain.

The past week the steelhead have been in a funky mood - one day we do well, the next, well they would be hard to find or at least convince to eat. The time of day has made a difference but that time varies from day to day. Fresh fish are slipping into the Manistee, Betsie, Platte and Boardman Rivers with the rainfalls and the fish that have been in the system are moving around a bit and as they start to get some color in their cheeks and settle closer to wood structure. The fly bite has been mixed however you defiantly want eggs, buggers, hex nymphs, caddis and pheasant tails. With water temps being ideal and a good supply a fish, the swing bite this fall for switch and two-hand anglers should be one of the better ones experienced in years.

Streamer fishing has been good for those willing to cast big flies on sink-tip lines and put in some time. As most fish have completed their spawning, the brown trout are getting ready for a long winter and are eating some big streamers. This year there are some sections of rivers open to fishing year round that has typically been closed starting October 1 and has now provides the trophy trout streamer angler with some new opportunities.

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