Thursday, October 13, 2011

TK's Fishing Report 10/13/2001... It's time for fall!

Fishing Report

October 13, 2011

Not Much Has Changed

Things have remained consistent the past week - the weather has been warm, the colors brilliant and the fish continue to play our game.

The migratory steelhead and salmon continue to move up local rivers with majority of the salmon stopping on gravel to take care of their spawning urge. Yes, the fish are larger this year and there seems to be more than enough. Right behind that spawning gravel are the steelhead taking advantage of the flow of protein - eggs. The Manistee has good numbers of both fish and the Betsie is holding its own with fewer steelhead, but still enough chrome to keep it interesting. The Boardman has plenty of salmon in the lower section below the weir.

With the forecast calling for cooler, more seasonable weather and some much needed rain look for more salmon to come in along with more of those high jumping steelhead. Flies that have been working include lots of eggs for the steelhead and hex, buggers and stones. Salmon are taking the typical eggs and nymphs and a few streamers by those aggressive males courting the females on the gravel. There are lots of leaves in the river right now which just comes with this time of year.

Trout fishing is o.k. - the warm weather has extended the terrestrial season but with the number of leaves floating down the river, there are short windows to fish a dry. Go deep with small to medium sized streamers and work them with some pause after the strips as the water temperature is in the mid-50's and is very clear. You will have the place to yourself and be sure to check out some of the new water which is now open year long.

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