Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trout, Terrestrials and Tricos- TK's July 21 Fly Fishing Report

Trout, Terrestrials, and Tricos

Trout fishing has been decent lately with more fish looking up in the daytime hours now that hatches aren’t prolific and fish need to keep their eyes open for their food.
Fishing on the Manistee and Boardman has been seeing some terrestrials on and in the water – this is a good time to fish beetles, ants, small grass hoppers and other attractor flies – especially those with rubber legs forming an “X”.  Look for the smaller patterns to be a little more effective right now as the natural insects are mostly small. <More on fishing terrestrials>
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some Light Cahills, BWOs and Isonychias in your fly box as these tend to trickle-hatch for a few more weeks. If headed out in the a.m. – you will want Tricos as they have been around once the air warms up but they are more effective fished before sun is heavy on the water – these should continue through much of August. For those unwilling to separate from their headlamps and fishing in the dark, mouse and other surface patterns have had mixed success. < More on fishing after the Hex Hatch >
Water clarity is a little too clear and water temps have been climbing, but they have been falling too, with the cool nights which can have an effect on how the river is fishing. Cloudy and overcast days have been best, but we just haven’t had too many of those lately. This is a great time of year to get out early and fish until noon.
Bass and bluegill fishing on lakes has slowed a little and are best fished in the mornings or evenings as a lot of the fish are in deeper water during the day which is difficult to fish effectively with fly fishing equipment. In the low-light hours, they move into the shallows to feed. Diving frogs and mid-size poppers have been best for the bass with small spiders, terrestrials and nymphs working on the bluegill.
Good luck
Summer Trout Fishing – Terrestrial and Trico fishing in July and August on the Manistee.
Smallmouth Bass – Streamer fishing on the lower Manistee is a great way to spend a summer day.
Fall Steelhead – Late September through November is the time for sassy steelhead on the Lower Manistee.

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