Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fly Hatches and Trout Fishing Improving

A week with little rain fall has left the local rivers in good shape. Clarity is ideal with a little stain, while temps are in the mid-60s and water levels are not too high and not too low.  Hatch activity has been varied and inconsistent but has improved since my last report with more fish looking up. Look for Isonychias to be your best bet for the big bugs in the evening and up to dark. You will want some brown drakes and hex patterns also because you never know when the bigger bugs will be out in numbers right at dark. Some sections of most rivers – Au Sable, Manistee, Boardman has had limited hex activity but we are on the early side of things. Other flies you can expect to find on the water include Bat Flies, the last of the Sulphurs, Gray Drakes, Little Yellow Sally Stones, Lt. Cahills and Mahoganies.  To read more about hatches preceding the Hex Hatch, click here.
Carp fishing on the bay has been inconsistent as well with all of the weather changes. Like the hex emergence for trout, good carp fishing really relies on a few days of warm sunshine to warm up the water up. The cold water of the bay moving in and out with varying wind directions has made it challenging for those targeting both carp and smallmouth bass. Smaller crayfish patterns are working for both species as are minnow patterns for those specifically fishing for bass.
Fishing on the lakes and ponds for bass remains solid as the fish are in post-spawn mode and have the feed bag on. Streamers fished on intermediate lines have been most productive for the larger bass when the top water and divers aren’t working. It also might find you a pike along the way which tend to bite the fly off but leave you with a good story.  Bluegill continue to bend the rod but mostly the smaller ones which still make for a great learning experience for beginners or someone looking to spend a few hours on the water with a fly rod in their hand.
Good luck.

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