Friday, October 19, 2012

TK's Oct. 17, 2012 Fishing Report

With Rain Comes Steelhead

Significant rainfalls over the weekend really raised the water levels on local rivers bringing in more fresh fish under the cover of stained waters. Estimates on the total rainfall amount are approximately 3 inches and the Lower Manistee came up about 18 inches and has already “crested” and has fallen a bit since.  The water below Tippy dam will be clearest as tributaries further downstream continue to contribute a stain. The weather forecast is calling for more so stay tuned and check out the flows on your favorite river (click here for the USGS water data website).
Water temps are still in the 50s and the steelhead are far from friendly when hooked – hold on tight.  I have come to the conclusion that if bonefish could jump they would be called fall steelhead. Eggs are the primary food source right now for steelhead as the spawning salmon are creating a chum line. The salmon numbers are starting to decline but there are still plenty of fish around with steelhead nearby taking advantage of the protein drip. With the stained water bigger egg flies have been working better than the small, actual sized flies and when the leaves get in the river, bigger, bolder patterns help stand out. As the water clears up look for the nymph bite to improve and if the eggs aren’t working, try the typical patters – hex, buggers, caddis and stones.
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