Friday, September 7, 2012

TK's Sept. 4, 2012 Northern Michigan Fishing Report

September Salmon

After 3 weeks of virtually no rain, we finally received some.  While it should help with the migration of salmon in our rivers, more rain is needed and it looks like there might be some relief in the forecast. A shift of strong northerly winds and lower air temps will help too, but never underestimate the will -power of fish to move up stream.
The Betsie is still plagued by low water levels and the fish are having a difficult time getting over the shallow river mouth at Betsie Lake. Look for strong westerly winds to back water up and allow easier migration to all the fish staging there. Some fish are in the river but they are not at their typical levels for this time of year – lots of casts and fishing lots of water is key. The Manistee has fish in the lower sections, too, and will benefit from improved conditions of rain fall, temps and wind direction.
Trout fishing continues on the upper Manistee for those looking for solitude and smaller fish.  The hatches are very light right now making it ideal for the hopper/terrestrial/ Rubber legged pattern angler to cover water and elicit a strike. The water is running nice and cool, however it is very clear right now. Some rain to stain the water would make for decent streamer conditions and chose cloudy days over bright ones for the best action no matter how you fish. Have small Isonychias, BWOs, Cahills and flying ants in your box for any natural bugs that might emerge.
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