Thursday, May 3, 2012

TK's May 3, 2012 Fly Fishing Report

May Trout Fishing

Trout opener has come and gone and so have the anglers. While opener weekend had mixed results thanks to cold weather, the annual traditions of groups, families and friends  seemed to be alive and well.
Stable and warmer temps this week has improved hatches and dry fly fishing – they should continue get even better with warmer weather. If fishing the upper Manistee look for Hendricksons – both light and dark, March Browns, Mahoganies, Black Quills, bigger stones (#10), BWOs, and lots of small caddis and some #14 tan caddis. The month of May offers some great dry fly fishing but be prepared for selective feeding – pay real close attention to what they are eating and what stage; emerger patterns are proving themselves as real fish catchers as more people are fishing them.
Conditions on both the Manistee and Boardman had been really clear with temperatures in the mid-50′s until we just received some much needed rain.  Look for levels to increase and stain – making for ideal streamer conditions.  The chestnut lamprey numbers are building so fishing streamer patterns that imitate them is a good place to start. Other successful streamer patterns include zuddlers, rabbit strip leeches, protected witness, baitfish/deceivers and sasquatches.
On the lower Manistee below tippy, look for water levels to increase and create some good feeding as food is dislodged in the flush of water. Fishing nymphs under an indicator can be real effective when not fishing streamer patterns on sink-tips looking for the big and more aggressive fish. Fry patterns fished on floating lines is still effective as we are taking advantage of last fall’s prolific salmon reproduction. Some caddis, bwo and midge activity is taking place on the surface throughout the day for those who like it on top.
Good luck!

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