Saturday, April 28, 2012

TK's Trout Opener Fishing Report 2/25/12

Trout Opener

After getting a significant rainfall, the water level came up, but a push of steelhead did not. The Manistee rose nicely, but is already falling back down and not much has changed as far as conditions.  I guess I was optimistic and hopeful a bunch of  fish would come in or perhaps I was stubborn to accept that they wouldn’t.  While there are fish in the river many of them are stale and are doing their spawning with the few fresh fish that make their way upstream.  Fishing for drop backs is still happening for the more aggressive fish, but they seem to be waning in numbers as well.  To sum up the 2012 Spring steelhead run – it was definitely unprecedented and I’m pretty sure I won’t experience another early run like we had. At least, I hope not. Thanks to all of you that joined me and put in your time for much earned and memorable fish. In the meantime, fall steelhead are only 6 months away and there is a lot of other fishing to do between now and then.
Trout fishing continues to be decent on the upper Manistee with early hatches. The cooler weather of the past week or so has diminished bug densities but Hendricksons, BWOs, stones and caddis have been coming off with some fish feeding – look for some warmer temps to improve things. The much needed rainfall has pretty much come and gone and the river is still pretty clear.  Look to both the inside and outside of bends to be holding fish as fishing pressure has been light and the fish aren’t necessarily bunkered  in the deep wood.
Fishing below Tippy Dam on the Manistee for trout has been offering anglers an option when the steelhead aren’t playing along. Casting fry patterns and other small streamers with floating lines in the darker water  and around wood is working as are big streamers on sink tips in the deeper runs and holes. More and more caddis are building in the afternoons and the fish are just starting to look at them on the surface.
This weekend is “Trout Opener” – good luck, be safe and have fun.

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