Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 13, 2012 Fishing Report-Think Steelhead Now!

Fishing Report

March 13, 2012

Yes, An Early Spring

After a guide trip the other day I walked the neighborhood and witnessed flowers coming up in a garden, so yes, we are experiencing an early Spring, we just don't need the April showers just yet.

With all of the snow melt and some significant rainfalls this past week anglers are finding their favorite rivers running high and dirty. While not necessarily ideal conditions, fish are playing our game as many of the winter fish are staging around spawning gravel and new, fresh fish migrating upstream with the increased water levels. Look for fish to be in the deeper holes and just off the seam line avoiding the increased flow. Expect spawning to start taking place soon if it hasn't started already. As the temps are just getting into the 40's the fish are becoming more active and with the increased water flow you will have your hands full.

Visibility on the Betsie and Manistee is less than 1.5 feet and with more sun, the particulate reflects more and decreases visibility further making low light hours and shade a great place to target. Now is a good time to cast large egg patterns like clowns, sparkle eggs and Chartreuse glo bugs with large, dark flies like stone's, leeches and buggers tied below them.

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