Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fishing Report

February 2, 2012

February, Ground Hogs and Steelhead

While the weather has been up and down, the fishing has been relatively consistent. Most anglers are spending their time looking for steelhead and are finding them in the predictable winter lies.

Despite the warm-ups and mild winter temperatures, the fish are in winter mode preferring the slower, deeper water since water temps are in staying in the upper 30's and not fluctuating too much. A few fresh fish have moved throughout the Manistee and Betsie, but most of the fish being caught are those fish that have wintered over after coming up in the fall and early winter. Good flies have included alevins and fry as the salmon eggs are starting to pop and transform into fish, as well as small black stones, sow bugs, hex nymphs and small, pale colored eggs. With the fish holding in the slow water and often on the inside of bubble lines, strike indicators and floats come in handy.

Regardless of what the Groundhog signifies, if the weather pattern we have experienced so far this winter continues, look for an early spring run of steelhead and relatively low water levels.

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