Monday, December 5, 2011

TK's December 5, 2011 Fly Fishing Report-Let's go fishing!

Fishing Report

December 5, 2011

No Snow, No Problem - Since we aren't skiing, go fishing.

Last week's rain gave water levels a little bump and with it a few new steelhead should move into the river while moving around the fish already in the systems. With water temps clinging onto the 40 degree mark, look for the cold nights to have their effect on water temps and dictate how we should approach fish. Look for fish to seek out the deeper runs and holes while favoring the slack water side of the bubble line. Floats and indicators are a good way to get the flies above wood while presenting a combination of egg patterns and nymphs (hex, medium sized stones, caddis). The Betsie, Boardman and Manistee all have decent numbers of fish in them for this time of year which should provide angling opportunity throughout the winter.

Trout fishing remains an option for those interested in fishing the rivers still open to angling late in the season like the Manistee. If streamer fishing, down size your fly a little and slow your strip down as water temps have made fish a bit lethargic. If fishing below Tippy Dam, an indicator with pale egg patterns and small nymphs and large midge patterns will not only find you trout but the possibility of a steelhead exists, too.

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