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TK's November 20, 2011 Fly Fishing Report

Fishing Report

November 20, 2011

Steelhead and Trout

With the third week of November upon us, the thermometer is still kind despite a brief scare of snow last week. This week's weather calls for above freezing temps which should keep the water temps close to where they are which are a few degrees warmer than normal.

Steelhead fishing continues as there are good numbers of fish in the Manistee, Betsie, Boardman and Platte rivers. Water levels are good as well with a slight stain but with the fish being in the rivers for some time, they have seen a few flies so make sure you are getting a good presentation. Look for fish to be near and around wood and just off the bubble line in the slack side of the run - at least that's where they have been. An egg with a nymph is a great one-two approach with oregon cheese glo bugs and mottled nuke eggs working up high with caddis, stones, hex and buggers below. This has been a good fall to swing flies with water temperatures remaining warm and fish numbers being good - cover water and swing into a fish on your switch or spey rod.

Trout fishing below Tippy Dam on the Manistee remains good for both the streamer and nymph angler. Small, faded eggs and the occasional pheasant tail, scud or sow bug below it on an indicator rig is working well. The streamer angler will find some bigger fish willing to play around now that they are done spawning and preparing for winter - olive, white, black and yellow streamer patterns in various sizes are all good bets. Slow your retrieve down and consider fishing a shorter sink-tip line as you bring your fly back slowly. The upper Manistee is still a place to fish big fish with big streamers and have the river to yourself.

It is still Firearms Deer Season here in Northern Michigan, so be careful and consider wearing a little hunters orange for safety.

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