Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishing Report



As fly fishers, two of the best reasons to live in Michigan are June and October. With September coming to an end we can welcome the colors in the trees, the cooler nights and migratory fish. The salmon are in full-spawn mode right now with plenty of fresh fish moving into the Manistee, Betsie, Platte and Boardman rivers after this week's rain. The gravel is getting hit pretty hard by the females with plenty of male support behind her - it kind of reminds me of my college days at the bar. The dark water - runs, slots and holes behind the gravel beds should be your focus - the fresh fish like to hang there while they migrate upstream and so do some the steelhead which love salmon eggs (click here to read more about it). Like the salmon, they too are bigger this fall. With the water temps being relatively warm - make sure your drag is set appropriately and hold on tight - they are challenging to land but well worthy of pursuit.

The salmon have been eating a mixed bag: smaller eggs, caddis, pheasant tails, buggers, hare's ears while the steelhead have mostly been on an egg diet with some buggers and hex taking fish..

Trout fishing can be really good this time of year if conditions are right. Sometimes a few days of warmer weather will make for some fun mid-day terrestrial fishing. After some rain and/or on an overcast day the streamer fishing can be strong as the fish start to think about getting their spawn on. Regardless, you will have the river to yourself.

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-October is the beginning of Fall Steelhead fishing on the Manistee-

-Trophy streamer fishing for Trout on the newly expanded waters-

- Trout and Steelhead Combo on the Lower Manistee in November -

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