Thursday, May 12, 2011

TK's May 12, 2011 Fishing Report

May 12, 2011


The variety continues in Northwest Michigan for those looking to catch a variety of species with a variety of different methods.

Trout anglers are finding conditions improving as water temperatures warm up and more bugs and fish are active on the surface. Hendricksons have been good on the Manistee and Boardman Rivers with black stones, black caddis and a few black quills showing up. As things continue to warm up, look for March Browns to be in the mix.

Thursday’s blast of rain was heavy in places and some areas received more than others so a little stain will be in the water and the forecast rain might keep the rivers full for a little while making for good streamer fishing. There has been no clear-front preference on streamers, just each day the right pattern in the right color to the right place is what it takes – mix up your patterns.

The steelhead continue to offer anglers opportunities without wearing heavy fleece. This time of year late “May” fish show up and this year there seems to be a few more than normal – perhaps because of the rainfall the past two weeks. Regardless, they’re here and can be found on and around gravel. Eggs, leeches, stones and fry patterns should be in your fly box.

This can be a great time of the year to chase the toothy critters – Pike and Muskie. After finishing up their spawning they are looking to eat. Look for fish in water with dark colored bottoms sunning themselves. If you don’t see fish, fish blind near flats with adjacent drop-offs of 2-4 feet and be sure to have either heavy mono or wire leader to protect your fly.

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