Friday, May 20, 2011

Ted's Fishing Report- May 19

Fishing Report

May 19, 2011

May – You Choose the Species

The local fishing continues to improve with more species to choose from and more active fish and bugs thanks to an increase in temperatures and water levels returning closer to normal.

Trout fishing continues to offer decent streamer and dry fly fishing. Hendricksons continue to come off on the Boardman and Manistee with more spinners accumulating over riffles in the late afternoons now that the hatch has progressed. It won’t be long before sulphurs start in earnest but until then be prepared with black quills, Borcher’s Drakes, black caddis and Blue Wing Olives. With all of the rain we have received this spring, the fish have been eating well sub-surface making streamer fishing ideal when bugs aren’t up top. Big and bright patterns have been working lately with the water being stained and as the chestnut lampreys continue to get active, brown and black patterns are worthy of fishing too.

Trout fishing below Tippy Dam continues to offer anglers nymph, dry, wet and streamer fishing for trout. This is a great fishery this time of year as the remaining steelhead are dwindling and the trout have become accustom to eating lots of eggs and still have an appetite. Fry, smolt and baitfish streamer patterns are a good bet with caddis and bwo dries working up top. The standard nymphs and wets are taking plenty of fish including bwo/small mayfly nymphs, scuds, and hare’s ears.

There are still a few steelhead in the local rivers including the Boardman, Manistee and Betsie Rivers finishing up their annual spawning ritual on gravel sections. Try swinging patterns for any fish dropping back to the lake.

Some carp have been moving into the shallows with some mild evenings and lack of wind making conditions a bit more favorable than they have been. With the full moon, the crayfish have molted and therefore the lighter color crayfish patterns are the closest thing to the naturals and the fish have taken note.

The bluegill and panfish have started to move in shallow and are doing their thing. Poppers are bringing up some fish, but the small streamer and nymph presentation will find you more and bigger fish. When hooked up with a gill, look out for big pike looking to eat your catch. Try targeting pike if you haven’t already – they can be lots of fun but look out for their teeth.

Good Luck!


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