Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

October 8, 2010

High Sun, Low Water

The weather has made for some comfortable conditions, however we need some rain in our rivers to improve the catching.

The migratory steelhead and salmon continue to be the focus for most anglers right now on the local rivers. The Manistee has a number of salmon in the system with the majority of them spawning near the dam. A few fresh fish continue to show up each day but a good rainfall would really improve things. A few steelhead are being caught behind the fish on the gravel with egg patterns that are realistic looking in size and color. (Matching the Hatch for Steelhead with Egg Patterns) The majority of the steelhead are skippers with some adult fish intermixed. With water temps in the upper 50s, hold on to the rod tight regardless of their size – they are hard fighters.

The Betsie has been fishing slow as the water is also low. I suspect there are still some fish out in the big lake looking to come in with a weather change – our warm summer and water temperatures have really had an affect on the run this year. The Platte, too, has some fish in it, just not what one would expect for this time of year. Effective patterns include leeches, caddis, steelhead buggers, hex nymphs and Anton bugs (white). The Boardman in town has fish in it for those looking for urban angling close to home.

Trout fishing with dry flies has picked up with the warmer weather and sunshine. Still, the water is low and clear so a good presentation with some distance is best. Flying ants, beetles and foam & rubber legs are bringing fish up as are some more standard dry flies like Adams, Isos and BWOs. The streamer fishing has been sub-par for this time of year as things are a little too bright and clear. The leaves are nice looking, but when windy, look for them to be on the surface making nymph and wet fly fishing a good bet.

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