Thursday, October 14, 2010

Northern Angler Fishing Report by Ted

Fishing Report

October 14, 2010

Not Much Change

The weather and fishing conditions haven’t changed much in the past week mostly because of the lack of rain. A little rain would really go a long ways right now.

Salmon numbers on the Manistee continue to build as they are occupied with their spawning activities. A few more carcasses are in log jams and on banks which is typical but judging by the number of fish on the gravel, those numbers will build proving that this year’s run started a little late. Steelhead are in the river, too, with a mix of skippers and adult fish. Look for them behind the salmon eating the “salmon berries.” With water temps in the 50’s, the fish are hot and the salmon, too, when hooked are pulling hard. Lots of egg flies in various colors and shades are working with the typical nymphs hooking fish: caddis, shrimp, buggers/leeches and bigger, bolder hex patterns. With all of the leaves in the river it might not be a bad time to try some of the older, classic mid-west patterns like spring wigglers in chartreuse or orange.

The Betsie and Platte Rivers have still not received another push of fish and timing is everything. After a decent rain, look for more fish to enter the rivers, but until then, be prepared to cover water to find fish. With the low, clear water, look for salmon taking a break from their spawning in the pocket water and holes near the shinned up gravel.

The trout fishing continues to be decent for the terrestrial angler taking advantage of this warmer weather. Beetles, flying ants and foam & rubber concoctions are a good bet with a nymph trailer. Twitch, strip and dead drift to find out what the fish are looking for. Leave spawning browns alone as they are working to ensure future populations of fish to catch on our natural spawning rivers. If there are a lot of leaves floating along the river, go big with patterns on top or try streamer fishing in the lower light of morning, evening and overcast days.

Good luck.


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