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August 28, Fishing Report

Fishing Report

August 28, 2010

Summer Continues

A coolness in the evenings and early mornings tells me that we have a change of season coming, but with it in the 80’s during the day it appears summer is still with us. It can all change quickly so take advantage of today’s fishing opportunities.

The trout fishing continues to be decent on the Upper Manistee and Boardman for this time of year with terrestrials and small streamers being the fly angler’s best bet. The Tricos have slowed to a trickle and the BWOs are more unpredictable. Still, there are a few Isonychias & Light Cahills hatching sporadically at dusk and deserve a place in your fly box. Hoppers, beetles, ants, etc. are bringing fish to the surface with nymphs and wets tied on as droppers are fooling a few fish too. Mix up your presentation – some days it needs to be drag free, other days twitched and skated – figure out their mood each day.

The lake and pond fishing has slowed a little bit thanks to some recent cooler temps but we are back to warm weather. Still, bluegill are coming strong at drop offs and the bass, too, are around the drop offs and near weed beds. Find where the weeds and drop offs meet shallow water and you can have some fun on the surface with top-water patterns where the baitfish and “jig-ish” patterns like clousers are better in the deeper water.

Smallmouth Bass on the Lower Manistee continue to come to the fly with streamers being the best bet, but don’t abandon the mid-sized poppers for some surface activity. With a few scattered salmon in the river, don’t be surprised to see something large come behind your fly streamer – if you hook one, hold on tight.

Salmon are still a little shy coming to the rivers, but there are some around. Once we get some sustained cooler weather and/or a good off-shore wind to change the water temps at the river mouths and a little rain, bigger numbers of fish should hit the rivers on their way to start their annual fall pilgrimage.

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Still have some salmon (& trout) dates available in September (9/3,12,18,19, 22,24-29)

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