Friday, August 20, 2010

August 19th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

August 19, 2010

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The heavy humidity and hot weather has finally passed and our cool evenings are doing a good job at getting water temperatures where they need to be. This weather has become ideal for fish and anglers alike.

Trout fishing on the Boardman and Manistee Rivers is pretty much the same as it has been but with cooler water temperatures. The morning trico activity continues however they aren’t showing up in heavy densities – the warmer days are better, but when the sun is out, the fish tend not to be. Blue Wing Olives, Light Cahills and a few Isonychias have been hatching sporadically, but it’s the terrestrials that are bringing decent numbers of fish to the surface; hoppers, beetles, ants and rubber-legged foam creations have been working well most days.

The Bass and Bluegill on local ponds are still providing a lot of fun for the fly angler. It’s a great time to chug a popper and swim a diver where drop-offs and weed beds meet for aggressive and curious largemouth bass. The bluegill, still, are chomping the dry fly with the bigger fish coming to the fly when the sun isn’t too high and in the water near drop-offs. Small streamers are working well near the drop offs – it’s a great way to fish a clear intermediate sinking or sink-tip line.

The Smallmouth Bass in the lower Manistee continue to be a target for anglers looking to strip streamers and swim some sliders and divers. Baitfish patterns like clousers, whistlers and deceivers are working in natural color combos with the clarity of the water. Learn to tie a whistler here.

There has been lots of interest in Salmon fishing lately since last year at this time fishing was good. The warm water in Lake Michigan is the biggest factor in getting a good number of fish to enter the river. Once a big East/North East wind blows the warm water out combined with some rain, the fish will show up. There are currently a few fish in area rivers, albeit, very few and they are scattered. It can all change quickly.

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