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July 22, 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

July 22, 2010

Some, Some, Summertime

It’s officially summertime fishing right now on local trout streams. With over three weeks of 80 degrees temps, the cooler evenings – thankfully, have been helping to keep the water temps where they need to be. Still, with the clear water, the low-light of mornings, evenings and overcast days are your best bet on the Manistee and Boardman Rivers.

Tricos are the most reliable hatch right now and when they are coming off and/or falling there are lots of dimples on the water. Not known to be big fish catchers in our rivers with their steady flow of biomass, anglers can have a lot of fun targeting rising fish with lighter rods with the occasional larger fish providing a pleasant surprise. Blue Wing Olives (BWOs) have been the other bug out in decent numbers some days, but not only when its gray and rainy – they’ve been coming off at all times of the day and in various conditions. When fishing in the evenings, look for Light Cahills and Isonychias too, but they have been unpredictable and sporadic at best.

The Terrestrial bite is still going on, but the smaller patterns seem to be working better day in and day out. Beetles and ants are best with small hoppers working better than the larger patterns. Try a hopper and dropper combo with a nymph or even trico spinner in the mornings. Streamer fishing has been tough with the low water and high sun but look for it to be good after a decent rain like we are receiving as I type.

The Bluegill and Bass in local lakes and ponds are playing along with weed beds and lily pads providing some of the best activity. Big poppers in heavy weeds are nothing but fun this time of year where the baitfish pattern fished near the weeds can get some action on the wavy days when surface action is minimal.

Smallmouth Bass in the Lower Manistee have been giving anglers plenty of opportunity, but they are preferring the longer cast with sink-tips and baitfish patterns. A few trout are finding their way on the line, but with the water temps in the low 70’s below Tippy Dam, please release them quickly and not target them.

Good Luck!


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Yo Brian, thanks for the tips. Not that I could use them in Colorado! See you in a few weeks!