Monday, April 6, 2009

Replica Fish Carving Demonstration

I wanted to thank Steve Vanderford for coming out this past weekend to The Northern Angler and giving a couple hour demonstration on carving fish from foam. We had about 10 people at the free demonstration and it seemed that everyone enjoyed the presentation. Steve has a number of pieces on display on the walls at The Northern Angler including a brown trout, steelhead, and a big northern pike.
He brought lots of foam, some of his silicone molds, some models, and generally worked through much of the process of creating fish replicas from foam. He explained the numerous advantages to the foam medium as opposed to wood or taxidermy and also deomonstrated lots of creative tricks of the trade. Steve has produced an instructional DVD that is available at the shop or directly from him, it is over 3 hours long and lays out the process very well. Based on the reception that we had for the demo and given the fact that we have space at the new shop location to do this type of program, stay tuned for similar events in the future. Steve will also offer individual lessons at his shop and has made a very cool option available to anyone. He will spend a week with you creating your own replica fish mount for almost the same price as buying it on your own. Imagine when somebody mentions how nice the fish on your wall is and you tell them that not only did you catch it, but that you created the replica too! A very unique opportunity and Steve is the only person that I have heard of offering that. If you would like more information feel free to stop by the shop too see his work and pick up one of Steve's cards.

The Northern Angler

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