Monday, April 6, 2009

The Fly Fishing Film Tour in Traverse City - Success!

Sunday, April 5th - The Fly Fishing Film Tour, presented by The Drake came to Traverse City and on behalf of The Michigan Anglers for Conservation, The Northern Angler, and all of the sponsors (Homewaters Real Estate, Olson, Bzdok & Howard, NM3 Magazine, Right Brain Brewery, and Signplicity) we would like to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all that attended! We had a great crowd. The final headcount was 254 people that filled the State Theatre and got to see some pretty incredible fly fishing footage.
At the halfway point we had a brief intermission at which point a Fishpond Dakota Rod /Reel bag, a softshell jacket by Current, and a $50 gift certificate to The Northern Angler were given away with a random drawing and then it was back to the film. After the movie it was over to the Right Brain Brewery for beer, free pizza, and discussion of the film and the newly formed Michigan Anglers for Conservation. The after party drew a nice crowd too, I would put the number at around 100, the place was full and we put the hurt on nearly 20 pizzas. There were sign up sheets for M.A.C and cards to fill out for a chance to win a trip to Belize through the fly fishing film tour national website. It seemed that the best received film short/preview was for Eastern Rises by Felt Soul Media, an awesome looking film about Kamchatka(caution: one F-bomb at about the 4:30 mark).
Eastern Rises | teaser from felt soul on Vimeo.
I personally will make sure that The Northern Angler gets and keeps that one in stock as soon as it is available on DVD!
That was the one negative that I saw in the film tour presentation, more than half of the featured films are not yet released on DVD, a missed opportunity for the film makers to sell some DVDs. Other than that, it was an enjoyable show that was definitely sweet on the big screen with a great soundtrack too (OK, small complaint #2, if there was a soundtrack available, 100-150 copies would have sold right then and there, 1 of them to me!).
So a good time, great films, great music, great beer, and a nice chunk of money raised for conservation. Stay tuned for more info on Michigan Anglers for Conservation.

Thanks again to everyone and keep an eye out for next year's event!

The Northern Angler

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