Friday, February 13, 2009

The Northern Angler Flyfishing DVD Review 2-13-09


Confluence Films

It's getting to be that time of the season where cabin fever is getting strong and we need a little escape. For those of us that aren't heading south and just need a little help, Drift is a fantastic DVD that takes the viewer around the world in pursuit of fish on the fly. Written and narrated by Tom Bie, the main man behind The Drake Magazine, Drift has a similar feel to The Drake, fantastic pictures, fun stories, and of course, plenty of hardcore fly fishing fanatics. The film is exceptionally well done, shot entirely on 16mm film and mastered in HD, this is not your typical Saturday morning fishin' show! The DVD is over an hour long and includes segments on spey fishing with John and Amy Hazel, fishing the flats of Belize with Brian O'Keefe, bonefishing in the Bahamas with "Bonefish" Charlie Smith, trout on the Green, Frying pan, and Big Horn rivers, and my personal favorite, flyfishing in Kashmir India. The Kashmir segment is actually split between the mountains (that could be BC if nobody told you otherwise) and the villages of Kashmir, where the guys are fishing through a river with women washing clothes on the banks and people looking on (rightfully so) at these two men all decked out in full fly fishing gear like they are from another planet!
Another aspect of the DVD that I enjoyed was the music, Drift has a great soundtrack to it that helps set the mood and move things along at a good pace. I had the opportunity to listen to it over and over (it was on a loop at the shop) for a few weeks and I never tired of it and certainly didn't tire of the film. I caught myself saying "check this out" over and over when people would come into the shop regardless of what point in the film we were at. I can highly recommend Drift and I'm definitely looking forward to the next project form the guys at Confluence films.

Kirk Novak
The Northern Angler

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