Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Northern Angler Featured Fly 2-17-09

I hope to make this a regular post (every 10 days or so) featuring a different fly with full recipe and tying instructions. This week at The Northern Angler, our Saturday tying class is on terrestrials so we are featuring a very effective hopper pattern, the Kingfisher Red Legged Hopper. The foam body keeps it floating high and the parachute post makes it very easy to see and track in the water.

Hook: TMC 5212 4-10
Body: Foam - Tan or Khaki
Underwing: Z-Lon
Wing: Web Wing
Legs: Red/Black Rubber Legs
Hackle: Grizzly
Post: Hi-Vis - white

1.Cut strip of foam for body and push hook through foam with some foam extending behind the hook and majority of it under and in front of the hook.
2. Wrap thread base along shank and take thread back to above hook barb.Pull Foam up and tie in foam creating a segmented body.
3. Advance thread along shank (not along foam)and then tie foam down again creating a even segmented body. Repeat this process
4. Before tying foam off, tie in a underwing on top of the hook so it extends backward about the same length as the foam.
5. Tie in web wing so it lays in flat above underwing.
6. Tie in Parachute Post, then hackle.
7. Tie an overhand knot in rubber legs and tie them along each side of fly and just behind the parachute forming an “x”
8. Wrap hackle around parachute post and tie off.
9. Bring foam body under body to just behind eye and tie off, whip finish.

There it is! Not up for tying it or need a pattern? We have it available for sale at The Northern Angler online store or in the shop.

Thanks and happy tying.
The Northern Angler

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