Friday, October 10, 2008

Salmon in the Boardman River

So completely unrelated to the title, I love fall in Northern Michigan and I'm loving my new camera too! I was over at the weir on the Boardman yesterday to check in and see how the run was coming along. They were in the middle of a fish harvest at the time (which is always interesting to see) and my guess is the total harvest now stands at just over 3000 fish which is on the low side. I asked one of the workers if the run was late or on the low/small side and he said "both". The run is going to be down a bit this year and he didn't really know why, everything seemed to point to a good fall for the fish. He said that they will probably harvest two more times and drop the weir in about two weeks. He did point out that there is usually a late run that comes in after they lower the weir and then another small run of fish (mostly coho) in December. Add to that the steelhead that will be moving in and the river should continue to fish well right through the end of the year. Also, the mass of people usually move on when October is over so the chances of getting some river to yourself increase. So, the decent fishing opportunity will remain here in town for the next two months even if the main run of salmon is down a bit.

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