Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boardman River Fish Update

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, give a man a new camera and a blog about fishing and he will bore the hell out of you for as long as you let him!
So the Boardman salmon run is still going, I was at the weir this morning and the totals so far are 2718 salmon (2700 Chinook and 18 Coho) and they have passed 10 steelhead. The next harvest is Thursday October 15th (tomorrow) at 8:30 am and the holding tanks are FULL, fish jumping all over, if you haven't been over there yet give it a look tomorrow. Kids especially get a kick out of it, some of those fish are bigger than the kids are! One of my previous posts has a link to a photo story done last year by the Record-Eagle on the salmon harvest, pretty interesting.
The photo by the way is from Sabin Dam, the upstream limit to year round fishing on the Boardman. Speaking of fishing, the salmon are still being caught on the Betsie, Boardman, and Manistee and the steelhead numbers are increasing daily. Early in the run these fish are HOT, they will tear you up, also some big browns are being caught on the Betsie below the dam. Fall colors are beautiful, fish are plentiful, things are good.
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