Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23 Fly Fishing Report for Northern Michigan

Late May Fly Fishing for Trout and More

The week of high sun and warmer weather has done a good job of helping us to forget that it snowed just over a week ago. With the better weather the fishing has improved as the waters on both rivers and lakes have warmed up and the hatches on the local trout rivers are pretty much where they should be for this time of year.
This is a great time of year for the serious dry fly angler as there are plenty of bugs overlapping and offering good match-the-hatch situations. On the Manistee and AuSable look for Mayflies to include: Sulphurs, Mahoganies, March Browns and Great Speckled Olives (think #12 Borcher’s Drake), Stoneflies: – Little Yellow Sally and Yellow Belly Brown Stones, and Caddis: #14 black, #16 Tan. While some of the smaller fish readily come to the fly, the bigger fish are demanding good presentation in the clear water conditions. If you love to fool fish on the surface the next few weeks are ideal for you. More on the fishing the hatches this time of year – click here.
Evening spinner falls have been offering good chances at trout, but in low light, fishing small spinners to sippers can be a challenge. Make sure you are stopping your rod tip high, getting a good turn over and don’t forget to mend. The softer, placid water just below riffles are collecting good numbers of bugs and is a good place to look for soft risers.  The larger fish are only giving us one chance, so make sure you can execute -here’s an article with some tips for better dry fly fishing.
The bass and bluegill fishing is in full swing. The bigger gills have moved from the depths and into the shallows providing a lot of fun on both the surface and below. If they aren’t coming up try fishing nymphs like small damsels, minnows and even bead headed soft hackles for success; as you slowly strip the fly, keep tension on the line and wait for the slightest bump/tug and set the hook.
Good luck.

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