Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dry Fly and Streamer Time! TK's May 13 Fly Fishing Report for Traverse City Area Rivers

May Mayfly Emergences – Hendricksons

It’s Mid-May and we are in the middle of Hendricksons which continue to emerge on certain days on local rivers including the Manistee, Boardman and AuSable.
May mayfly emergences continue to baffle us and are occurring at times and in weather counter to what is typical which means the best time to be out is anytime you can because you never know when bugs will be on the surface. Some of the lighter and smaller henies are starting to emerge as the larger, dark ones are starting to taper off but it would be a good idea to have both in your fly box if headed to the trout water. Spinner falls in the evening up until dusk have been common on the warmer evenings. Look for some Black Quills and even Sulphurs to start up soon. With the various mayflies emerging and adult spinner falls this is a great time of year to fish a Borchers Drake and Borchers Emerger. Medium brown stones and black caddis are popping some days, too, as the leaves are really filling out on the trees along the riverbanks.
Water conditions are ideal as far as level, clarity and temperature.  Streamer fishing continues to be a great way to cover the water between hatches to find those bigger fish looking to eat big. No color or combination has worked better than another so mix it up and look for their daily preference.
Bluegill have moved into the shallow water on certain lakes and ponds as some are spawning and others are pre-spawning. This is a great time of year to get access to the big “slabs” that are usually in water too deep for the fly fisher. While surface flies are the most fun to use for panfish, often it’s the small streamer or nymph fished subsurface that gets the bigger fish to play along.
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Trout Season – Streamer & Dry Fly fishing is ideal throughout May on the Upper Manistee & AuSable Rivers.
September Salmon – Dates are limited for fishing the Betsie River in early Sept. and later on the Manistee.
2015 Fishing – It isn’t too early to get your fishing trips planned for the year. Booking all species/seasons.

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