Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report

Fall Weather = Fall Steelhead

With a day like today (high north winds, snow and rain) we can’t help but think that it is fall and the fall steelhead should get their act in order and show up in a little more force since they have been trickling in the past 6 weeks. Then again, all bets are off this 2014 fishing season as very little has been predictable throughout the year.
Fishing the past week has been up and down but overall still a bit slower than what it should be for this time of year. When we are finding fish they have been hot and a handful as the water temps on the Manistee are hovering in the high 40s. The fish that are playing along seemed to prefer egg patterns however the nymph bite is starting to improve a little bit with caddis and steelhead buggers out performing other nymphs tried. As far as egg colors…… mix it up but focus on the orange or Oregon cheese  shades/colors.
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