Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TK's Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report July 24, 2012

Summer Time

Fishing has been decent despite the warm weather and thankfully the cooler evenings help water temps stay where they need to be on the Upper-Manistee. With a little rain in the forecast things will be that much better as the water is starting to approach the typical low levels of summer and is running very clear. The best fishing has been in the mornings before that sun gets up too high – when it does, things slow down.
Look for the tricos to continue in the morning hours with smaller fish keying in on them and a few bigger fish sipping these small mayflies, but look close. Some Isonychias, light cahills, and bwos are popping off also  and this is the time of year that a few creamy/yellow hex patterns might serve you well should a few potamanthus come off in the day time. Terrestrials (hoppers, ants, beetles) and attractors with foam and rubber legs are a good bet during day light. The typical attractors like Stimulators, Patriots and Wulffs are also worth a try this time of year. Streamer fishing has been slow with the conditions.
Bass and Panfish on the lakes is still providing a lot of fun for those looking to fish the still-water/local lakes.  The largemouth have been predatory and are eating frog patterns, swimming baitfish and sometimes the bluegill we catch on smaller poppers and spiders.  Both species are a lot of fun to fish for whether you are looking to learn, just spend some quality time on the water or target some big bass on the surface with poppers and sliders.
The smallmouth bass fishing in the lower Manistee has been good as the water temps have made for optimum conditions. Mostly a streamer bite, these smaller bass are keying in on crayfish again as well as smaller baitfish. Short sink-tips and floating lines make for a good presentation either on top or sub-surface.
Good luck fishing,
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