Friday, July 6, 2012

TK's July 6, 2012 Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report

Dog Days of Summer

The recent heat wave across the nation didn’t spare us or the fishing. With a number of days in the 90′s and not much rain, the trout fishing has slowed as the water is clear, warm and the fish are aware of our intentions.
The best bet has been fishing terrestrials – grasshoppers, beetles, ants and “foam and rubber” attractors.  There have been a few bugs trickling on the Manistee and Boardman rivers including Isonychias, caddis,  Gray Drakes (Boardman), BWOs and Light Cahills. Look for your bugs to be better in the evening as the sun goes down and temps moderate. The low-light hours of the morning is always a nice way to start the day  off and a few Tricos have started emerging mid-morning with smaller fish rising to them.
The lakes have warmed up too and the bass and bluegill have been playing along nicely. Weed growth has been good and the shade the weeds provide near structure have made for good fishing on both surface and sub-surface fly patterns. It is time to use poppers, sliders, swimming frogs, etc. on stout leaders – they are required when casting these big, wind-resistant patterns. Catch some bass on a local lake close to town if you need to get away for a few hours.
River fishing for smallmouth bass has also heated up with this weather and its providing plenty of opportunities for those looking to fish streamers and some surface patterns. The lower Manistee is the place for smallies and with the water temps so high, please focus on the smallmouth rather than trout.
Good luck and stay cool.
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Steelhead: The end of September means it’s time to focus on fall steelhead – extending though November
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