Friday, September 2, 2011

TK's Fishing Report Sept. 2, 2011

Fishing Report

September 2, 2011

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September is here and despite the last few days of real warm, summer-like weather, the forecast is calling for more seasonable temps that are typically associated with salmon, improving trout fishing and school starting.

The salmon fishing has been good on the Betsie River with a good number of fish in the system. Early staging fish can be found in the dark and deep water with fish moving up the system in low light. The fresh fish will take a streamer if you are looking for an alternative method and put in the time but isn't as effective as the nymphing methods typically used with salmon. The fish are running a bigger this year so hold on to that 9 wt. rod. Salmon numbers on the Lower Manistee are building and will only increase as the month continues.

The trout fishing has been o.k. at best. The terrestrial bite has diminished on the Manistee as the cold nights have dropped the water temperatures into the 50's and when the sun warms up the water a little bit in the afternoon, the fish are hiding because of the clear water conditions. Fishing on the Boardman has been tough this late summer but does offer fishing close to town if you only have a little bit of time. Look for this weekend's weather to increase the water temperature a bit and make for better low-light fishing conditions until we get some rain into the system to dirty up the water. Flies that have worked include hoppers, beetles and other attractor terrestrial patterns. Have some BWO and flying ants in your box as you are likely to run into these bugs on the water. Some Tricos have been on the water but have been sporadic.

Pond fishing for bass has slowed during the high-sun hours and has been best in the mornings and evenings. The bass bugs and slidders are sharing the spot light with mid-sized streamer patterns fished well under the surface near weeds and drop offs. Mix up your presentations and flies.

Have a good and safe Holiday weekend.


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