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TK's Fishing Report 8/11/11

Fishing Report

August 11, 2011

Slight Cool Down

Not much has changed in the area's fishing the past week with the exception of some cool night time temperatures and day time temps that have been easy on both the fish and the fishermen. Water conditions have improved with water temps dropping and a little rain has maintained the river level and made the dirt roads a little less dusty.

With less humidity in the air, the dewfall at night and through the mornings has been light this week and has been ideal for Tricos in the morning hours. While the bigger fish don't usually take advantage of these small bugs, the smaller fish ones do and sometimes a bigger fish can surprise you. The smaller fish and small flies are a lot of fun to target with lighter rods like 3 and 4 wts. After the sun gets high, the fish are sneaking back to the wood and deep cover and that's a good time to change your rod to something bigger and able to cast large terrestrial patterns like grasshoppers and other attractors that are mostly made of foam and rubber (chernobyl ants, cicadas, monster beetles, etc.) to bring them to the surface.

Streamer fishing for trout has been slow and the mouse fishing past dark has been decent, but look for the increasing moon size to have an effect on that over the next week or so. Other flies to use/have in your box include isonychias, Blue Wing Olives, Light Cahills and Caddis.

The bass fishing on the local lakes remains a lot of fun for those looking to catch some good sized fish and make it visual. No secrets here.... sliders, poppers and diving bugs have been steady producers as have been the streamers we usually cast for big trout. Structure remains key when deciding where to cast - drop offs, lilly pads, wood/docks.

Good Luck!


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