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TK's Fishing Report 7/2/11

Fishing Report

July 2, 2011

New Month, Same Conditions

Trout fishing remains good on the local trout rivers while the bay continues to offer carp and smallmouth fishing.

The hex hatch has been going on local rivers including the Manistee and Boardman Rivers, but with the inconsistent weather, the emergence and spinners falls also have been inconsistent prolonging the “hatch” this year. The weather forecast over the next couple of days should make for some good hatches at night. In addition to hexes, there are a handful of other bugs on the water: isonychias, the last of the brown drakes, little yellow sally stones, golden stones, a #16 rusty spinner I couldn’t identify and some bat flies. If fishing the Boardman, you will want gray drakes in the evenings as the spinner falls have been significant. This is the time of year that terrestrial patterns become as important as mayflies so bring your summertime patterns. You will find the water levels, temperature and clarity in really good shape for this time of year. Keep in mind, it is a holiday weekend and you might have to share the water with other anglers and river users.

The trout fishing below Tippy Dam has slowed a bit and I suspect as this warm weather has it’s way, the water temps will increase and slow it down further. Evenings and mornings are best for those looking to fish nymphs, wets and streamers. The Smallmouth fishing is decent for those looking to cast big streamers for bronzebacks – a great activity in July and August.

The carp fishing continues to offer plenty of opportunities for those looking for sight fishing on the bay. With a number of the fish in the spawning mode and some post-spawn, the fish can sometimes be difficult to pin down especially with the changes in the weather we have experienced. The forecast is calling for ideal conditions which should stabilize the fishing so good luck as you head out there with hex nymph, crayfish and leech patterns.

The lake fishing for bass and bluegill has become a little more timely with the weather as the fish are primarily done with their spawning. The bright sunny days will be tougher than the overcast days or fishing mornings and evenings. Target weed beds, drop offs and other forms of structure and bass anglers should make sure to fish in and around the lilly pads for some fun surface action.

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