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Ted's Fishing Report-July 14, 2011

Fishing Report

July 14, 2011

Transition to Terrestrials

Trout fishing has been decent on the Manistee River lately thanks to very sporadic hatches and fish continuing to look up for bugs after a few months of mayflies drifting downstream. This is the time of year that things start to transition to the terrestrial program from hatch-matching: that is grasshoppers, ants, beetles, and other fly patterns which often contain foam and rubber legs. There have been some Tricos emerging in the mornings but they too have been inconsistent as they are just getting started and the cooler mornings keep them from coming off in big numbers; you will want tricos in your fly box if heading out over the next month or so. Other flies that are emerging/trickling on the water include Light Cahills and Isonychias. We could use some rain in the Traverse City region as the rivers are getting low pretty quick and the water is very clear.

The carp and smallmouth fishing in the bays is pretty much over but you will find them in shallow some days - pretty much when they want to be there making them difficult to target. Look outside of the bays and in the main body of Lake Michigan if you are looking to extend your carp season as they can often be found in the cooler water later into the season. Smallmouth bass are staying a little deeper too and are near the break which makes is difficult for the wading angler, but keep your eye out for some cruisers in the early mornings.

Smallmouth bass are liking the recent heat and are building in numbers in the lower sections of the Manistee below Tippy Dam. The water at the dam is running around 70 degrees and it's advisable not to fish the trout there to give them a break under these stressful temperatures.

The inland lake and pond fishing continues to be good. Divers, poppers and sliders are doing their share of damage on the largemouth bass with small poppers and spiders still taking panfish near structure. Many of the fish are on their second spawn and are still feisty making for some fun fishing for adults to kids and anglers of all experience from beginners to advanced.

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