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Ted's Fishing Report 6/2/11

Fishing Report

June 2, 2011

June Feels Like May

Despite a few days of warm weather, it seems like we are still a little behind weather and season wise - and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. May’s fishing was decent and we should expect things to only improve as the weather stabilizes and warms things up a bit. Now into June the difficult part of fishing is deciding what to fish for and where.

Fishing on the Upper Manistee and the Boardman Rivers has been sporadic with hatches lately – some days the bugs pour off heavy other days not much. We have been seeing good numbers of Sulphurs, Black Quills, March Browns, Tan Caddis, BWOs, Brown Stones (#12) and Yellow Stone Flies (#8/10) when conditions are right with a smorgasbord of dark, rusty spinners collecting in the evenings above riffles. When bugs aren’t around, streamers fished on sink-tips cover water and the nymph fisherman might consider fishing micro egg patterns behind all of the spawning suckers in the river right now. Look for Mahoganies and Bat Flies to start soon with Brown Drakes to follow.

The fishing below Tippy continues to provide decent action both on the surface and below it. Caddis and a few mayflies (I couldn’t identify what they are) are dotting the surface with wets (soft hackles), nymphs(scuds & pheasant tails) and small streamers (fry) getting the job done sub-surface.

Carp fishing on the bay has been fickle with all of the winds and change in weather which affects the water temp and the number of fish in close. Sustained sun (which is forecast) is needed to stabilize the fishing with warmer water. Even then finding happy, feeding fish can be an effort which is rewarded with watching your backing knot leave your rod tip.

Bluegill fishing remains good with some smaller bass thrown in the mix for the pond and lake fisherman. Poppers have been a lot of fun on the surface when the wind/chop isn’t bad and sub-surface, small “swimming” style nymphs are working when retrieved very slowly.

Good Luck!


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