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Ted's Fishing Report-April 8, 2011

Fishing Report

April 8, 2011

A Week Goes By

Another week has passed and the fishing hasn’t changed much. While the very cold nights have left, warm rain and weather hasn’t come either. Steelhead are the primary target and without the much needed warm rain, the fish haven’t showed up in big numbers but rather a trickle of fish continues to move through the Manistee, Betsie and Boardman rivers. The forecast rain will make a difference for us looking to hook some steel.

Water levels have increased, but they are hovering right around 40 degrees. Clarity is good, maybe a little too good for the bright days. While the sun commands stealth and good presentation, it has been giving a little boost to the water temps which seem to make for a better bite after a few hours of direct sunlight. The flies that have been working are: eggs in Oregon Cheese, shades of orange, and nukes eggs in various color combos. Successful nymphs include hex, black stones, fry patterns and caddis. Look for fish staging near gravel beds and in the big, deep holes. There are few fish working gravel.

Trout fishing remains decent for those looking to put the time in fishing big streamers on the trout waters open to fishing. A few stones flies are emerging, but nothing is coming up to eat them with the cold water temps. In a few weeks time the temps will have increased and bugs will be coming off satisfying the appetite of dry fly anglers – its been a long winter with a spring that is slow to get started. Good things come to those who wait.

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