Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Proposed Canoe Livery on the Boardman River

Tonight at 6:00pm is a meeting at Blair Town Hall in Grawn to discuss the proposed canoe, kayak and tube rental company to operate on the Boardman River below Brown Bridge.

Click on the highlighted Boardman River Plan to review what the state of Michigan has proposed for the river and growth. More specifically check out page 17 for the plan's recommendations on canoeing or boating activity on the Boardman.

Boardman River Plan

Page 17
Boating and Canoeing
(a) Non-motorized boating and canoeing is permitted, however, it
should be discouraged upstream from the “Forks” and on all
tributaries to avoid trespass, hazards and conflict with fishing
(b) Commercial canoe activities should be discouraged above Brown
Bridge Dam and restricted below.
(c) The following items were recommended by the committee to help
avoid user conflict, trespass and littering:
(1) Determine carrying capacity of river for canoes.
(2) Until such time as the Department of Natural Resources has
established a carrying capacity and is enforcing a control
program, canoe livery activities should be discouraged.
(3) Discourage canoeing above the “Forks”.
(4) Designate public access sites as fishing access, canoeing
access, etc.
(5) Sign access sites to indicate not suitable for canoeing,
where appropriate.
(6) Develop sanitary facilities at public access sites along river
and sign river to indicate such.
(7) Regulate and/or number or otherwise identify canoes.

These are the type of resources we all need to protect and enjoy. The Boardman River is a great waterway for the people in Kalkaska and Grand Traverse Counties to enjoy responsibly whether kayaking, canoeing or fishing. It is a vital, fragile and small resource that needs to be managed and protected properly so that all may enjoy it's beauty now and for generations to come. This type of resource, in my opinion, does not need the extra pressure and impact a commercial canoe livery would place on this valuable waterway. At one time, the when the state of Michigan was assessing the river they came to the same conclusion. Voice your opinion tonight at the township meeting at Blair Township Hall.

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