Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decenber 29, 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

December 29, 2010

Last Call - 2010

The weather has given us a little reprieve as it often does this time of year. I think its Mother Nature’s way of saying, “You have been to too many holiday parties and family events - get out and fish.”

Winter steelhead continue to be the primary target and should continue on through spring although there are a few Coho salmon are in the local rivers along with a rare Lake Trout mixing up the bag a bit. With water levels down the clarity is still an issue but look for a little color to come after this week’s warm-up and possible rain. The influx of moisture should also help move around the fish already in the system and bring in some new recruits.

Trout fishing below Tippy Dam on the Big Manistee is decent for the winter angler looking to nymph up some fish. Look for the bubble lines and tail outs of the deeper pools to be the best place to focus your presentation. If streamer fishing - slow your retrieve down and consider using a short sink tip or even floating line with weighted flies to prevent hooking up on the bottom. The water below Tippy has a little of a slight “green” tinge to it which makes it really look promising for fishing; it clears up the more you move downstream. As the first of the alevins/salmon smolt are starting to emerge, consider swinging some of those patterns down and across for both steelhead and trout.

Keep in mind that the parts of the Platte River close at the end of the month/year as do a few other sections of certain rivers around the state.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!


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