Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

November 23, 2010

With The Season

The weather is starting to catch up with the calendar and the fishing is following suit.

It’s late November and the fishing is decent since water temperatures are better than they usually are for this time of year. Still, we haven’t received any crucial rainfall to send another push of fresh Steelhead into the rivers or put a little stain in the water. This time of year our gray skies make it easier to get a stealthy presentation which is required right now. Look for fish to be scattered in your favorite river and around wood, near tail-outs, soft sides and in medium sized holes. Floating nymphs under an indicator will help you get your flies where bottom-bouncing will only get you hung up. Still, you need to donate some flies to the structure right now to get a dance partner. Lots of eggs, black stones, hex nymphs and steelhead buggers are your best bet. This fall continues to be rewarding for those putting their time in swinging streamers and spey-style flies.

The Lower Manistee - because of its flow - is your best bet right now for steelhead. The Betsie, Platte and Boardman have some fish in it; however they are few and scattered. Enough rain will trigger a push; anglers at the river mouths and piers are doing o.k. fishing for steelhead.

The Manistee directly below Tippy dam has been fishing well for trout now that the eggs have diminished and their bellies have been stretched from a few months of eating salmon berries. The streamer bite continues to be good and when it isn’t switch to a nymph rig and pick the seams apart. White, olive and tan are good streamer colors and small, natural egg patterns and hares ears, BWO nymphs and pheasant tails for your nymph fishing. There are some steelhead and coho salmon in that section of water right now so be sure to hold-on tight to that rod.

It’s still firearm deer season so be sure to have some hunter’s orange on for safety.

Have a good Thanksgiving.


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