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Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report Nov. 6, 2010

Fishing Report

Nov. 6, 2010


Our warmer than usual October left water temps a bit warmer but now that we have had some frost, cold nights and a little snow, the temps have slipped into the upper 40’s.

Steelhead continue to be the primary target right now for anglers looking to wrangle chrome. The past few weeks catching has been difficult with fresh fish and warm temps - they simply were difficult to bring them to hand once hooked. The clarity of the water is clear so adjust your line and fly size, approach/presentation and look for shade or wood/structure on the bright days. Floats and indicator fishing has been proving it’s effectiveness by fishing in places bouncing nymphs simply can’t be done. The successful flies include lots of eggs patterns – nukes, rags, natural/realistic looking color schemes combined with something that grabs attention. Nymphs include shrimp, pheasant tails, steelhead buggers and big black stone flies. It’s a good fall for swinging flies for steelhead with the warmer water temps – try sculpins, leeches and baitfish patterns.

The Manistee has good numbers of fish throughout the entire system where smaller rivers like the Betsie seems to be hit and miss as the fish move through pretty quick due to the low water and it’s clarity. Still, target the water near salmon for the egg eating steelhead. A few bright, fresh King Salmon continue to show up in this river and can be found intermixed with the ones that aren’t so fresh. Coho fishing has been slow on most rivers this year. The Boardman has had some fish moving throughout if you need to stay close to town.

The trout fishing on the Manistee bellow Tippy Dam is starting to turn on again as the egg numbers are starting to diminish and their appetite is still strong. Try nymphing with an indicator with egg patterns, sow bugs and other small nymphs like pheasant tails, WD-40s and hares ears. For some of the larger trout cast streamers and hold on when the odd steelhead eats the streamer testing your 6 or 7 wt. – baitfish and sculpin patterns are good patterns to start with.

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