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July 15 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

July 15, 2010

July Heat

The recent warm weather has had an impact on our fishing – some of it good.

Trout fishing is hit and miss lately with the high sun and warming water temps. With the water being clear combined with a bright sun, early mornings and evenings are best with overcast days being preferred for the terrestrial angler – it’s notable what some cloud cover can do. When the sun is out in the mornings, look for Tricos and fish dimpling to the small mayflies. Most of the other hatches have been sporadic – that is light and inconsistent, however you should be prepared to see Isonychias, Light Cahills, Blue Wing Olives, and the last of the Gray Drakes (Boardman).

At this time of year when there are bugs on the water the fish typically respond well. The terrestrial fishing on the Upper Manistee and Boardman has been decent, but again, weather conditions are having a large impact on success. Look for small hoppers, beetles and ants to be best. The larger, rubber and foam bugs have not been as productive, but as the summer proceeds, this should change as the natural bugs grow larger and increase in density while the fish start to realize how good they taste. As always – each day (and season) is different.

The Lower Manistee has warmed up too much for good trout fishing, but with the bad comes the good – Smallmouth Bass are loving the warmer water. Most of the activity is coming from streamer fishing with sink-tips while a little attention is coming from the surface near weed beds where water flow is slower. Baitfish patterns and smaller poppers and gurglers are some favorites and with smallmouth – figure out what they are up to that day – they are unpredictable like trout with their daily preferences.

The bluegill and bass fishing continues to remain strong in local lakes and ponds. The “third-spawn” of the gills is still taking place in some waters which might explain why they are so prolific. With the rapid weed growth, the bass fishing has been good with low-light surface action being some of the best action. Poppers, deer hair bugs, divers and streamers – they are all working lately.

The carp in the bay are done. It was a strange season because of our roller-coaster weather, but if you got in on the fishing when it was going strong, it was good. Start thinking about doing it again next year as this fishing continues to impress anglers and provide sight fishing opportunities that compares to fishing for some saltwater species.

Good luck.


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