Friday, July 9, 2010

Fishing Report

Fishing Report

July 8, 2010

High Heat

This warm spell should really kick the terrestrials (grasshoppers, beetles, ants, etc.) into overdrive as more than just the filed corn is growing rapidly. Still, the smaller patterns have been working on the Upper Manistee and Boardman Rivers and look for them to become more active with the warmer weather. Water temperatures are increasing and some cooler nights would be welcome. The Tricos are around just a little bit and look for this small mayfly to increase over the next couple of weeks for those looking to be on the water early in the morning. Other bugs that have been around include Isonychias, Light Cahills, Small Caddis (#18), BWOs, the last of the Grey Drakes (Boardman only) and little yellow sally stones. To read more about the various hatches during this time of the season, click “Fishing After the Hex Hatch.”

This time of year general attractors will bring some fish to hand so don’t forget about the trustworthy Royal Wulffs and Patriots to name just a few. Rubber legs on flies that suggest terrestrials always deserve time on the water for some dry fly action.

The Lower Manistee below Tippy Dam has warmed up into the 70’s and as such the trout are not overly respondent however, the Smallmouth Bass have been fishing well. Baitfish patterns seem to be the common denominator but mix it up each day to find what they might be in the mood for.

Bluegill on the smaller lakes and ponds are still coming to the fly, although they are a little wiser and tougher to fool. Surface action around the lillypads is good for smaller fish and the larger fish tend to be in the deeper water hovering around 6-8 feet deep and are hungry for small nymphs and streamers. The Largemouth Bass are loving the heat and resulting weed growth and have been responding to the poppers and diving bugs.

The Carp are still around, but are spotty. This stable heat we have experienced combined with the Blue Angles air show leaving town has brought some fish back to the flats in fishable numbers, but they too are a little smarter with all of the season’s angling pressure and increased activity on the bay.

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