Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010 Fishing Report

The Northern Angler Fishing Report

June 24, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It seems that June has received more than the typical amount of rain this year and as a result fishing and hatches haven’t been typical either.

This time of year most have their mind set on trout fishing and hex flies. Between the heavy rainfalls/increase in river flow and some up and down weather the bugs haven’t been as predicable as we want. Certain sections on certain nights are getting bugs but there isn’t too much consistency to it. The best thing you can do is get out and take your chance with bugs – “standing in a river waving a stick” isn’t a bad place to be and tonight might be the night.

With the higher water levels the fish have had more than enough easy food to eat: worms, chestnut lampreys, crayfish, nymphs and as a result the fishing hasn’t been great during the day. However, evenings have been providing various bugs on the Manistee and Boardman Rivers including Isonychias, BWOs, Hex and some stones and the fish do key in on what’s floating by. Streamer fishing isn’t a bad option with all the increased flows if you are looking to do something prior to the hatch and a lot of the recent success has come with one strip of the fly after the cast.

Carp fishing on the bay has also been less predictable than normal. It seems that the fish are taking a break from their spawning activities and are spending more time in the deeper water. This should change with the hot weather and high sun forecast resulting in an increase in fish numbers in the shallows. It seems that the post-spawn Smallmouth Bass are still putting their feed bag on and cruising in the low-light hours and hanging near structure in the afternoon (depth, docks, rocks, etc.) With the full moon approaching crawfish patterns are key as their soft shells are noticed by both smallmouth and carp.

Bass fishing in lakes is getting stronger with the warmer temps and additional weed growth. Poppers and sliders are getting the surface attention and down below with crawfish, baitfish patterns and weighted streamers like Bottom’s Up and Circus Peanuts. Bluegill fishing is still good; however it’s best in the lower light periods of the day. Top water flies that are working include most dry flies with X-legs (Madam-X, Small Hoppers/Beetles and spiders). Subsurface, try the mundane but effective bead headed buggers and other leech and small streamer patterns.

Good Luck!

The Northern Angler

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Bill Trussell said...

Hi Northern Angler
Just found your blog. Enjoyed reading your post concerning the small mouth, and gills. I am an avid fly fisherman and love to fish for most species on the fly especially trout, and the bluegill in the early spring. The fight is awesome with a 3 to 5 weight rod. I am going to become one of your followers because I want to read more about your area of the country . If you would like to become one of my followers my blog link is