Tuesday, June 15, 2010

High Water and Hexes

The recent rains have brought about some high and off-colored water, making the fish activity frustrating for the evening hatches. Hex emergences on the the Upper Manistee and Ausable have been reported as of this morning. Look for fish to key in on the bugs a bit later this week. The weekend conditions should be perfect, based on today's forcast. Solid iso action during the day with boondogging isonychia and brown drake patterns effective throughout the day light hours. Look for the best trout activitiy to be from 6 pm on...

Carp and smallmouth bass fishing has been good out on Old Mission. Larger schools coming in with the warmer weather and getting into the spawning mode. This is a great diversion to try if you are looking for something fun to do during the late mornings and afternoons of chasing the evening hatches. Give us a call for up to date information at 231-933-4730!

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