Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Book - Predicting the Bite

This is a new addition at the shop and I honestly have not had time to read it but there has been a lot of buzz about the book so I wanted to get a post out there on it. We'd love to hear from you if you've had a chance to read it. The following is from the publisher: (title is a link to purchase the book)

Title: Predicting the Bite
Author: Ronald W. Reinhold
Hardcover 340 pages

This book is loaded with extraordinary new fishing secrets, including the secret of how barometric pressure affects fish behavior. Fishermen have sought it for centuries, and it will change fishing forever. It’s published here for the first time, and can make you a very smart fisherman, and likely a much more successful one.

You’ll learn how to accurately predict when fish will be biting and naturally feeding, and put yourself on the water when odds are highest to catch the most fish. Discover how to predict exact days and times when fishing will be best. If you can only fish on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll learn how to predict which day will be better. You’ll know when to go or when to stay home, because you’ll know how to predict when “the bite is on,” especially the best bites.

Expect to learn more new knowledge about fishing than from any other single source. It gives a major competitive advantage to tournament fishermen, fishing guides, and charter captains during every trip to the water, including on rivers, lakes of all sizes, and saltwater shores. Every chapter contains powerful information that helps you make accurate fishing predictions for a lifetime. Additionally, everything in the book works worldwide.

You’ll learn how flowers can tell you when to go fishing, as will the 70 mile rule, and the 14 day limit, and how wind direction can guide you to the best fishing of the day.
Age-old proverbs like “Wind from the east, fishing is least,” and “Fishing is best just before a storm” are also demystified with practical explanations.

Nothing in fishing literature is as jam-packed with new information, concepts, and principles that will contribute as much to your growth as a successful fisherman. You’ll be among the first to learn about “ableness” and the pressure rules — which make it possible for you to predict the exact days when fly hatches will occur, and days when they will not. They will greatly improve your fishing success, and dramatically reduce your travel costs and time lost on unproductive fishing trips.

Whether you’re a fly fisherman, spin fisherman, or baitcaster, you’ll be captivated by the vigorous bites caused by pie hatches and pie molts, and will learn how to predict the exact day they will occur, and where. If you fish the saltwater intertidal zone, you’ll discover the effects of barometric pressure and wind on fishing near shore. There is so much more.

Understanding the effects of barometric pressure on fish behavior will be one of the most enlightening experiences of your fishing lifetime. The explanation presented, and the extraordinary fishing benefits it provides, have been meticulously reviewed and approved by a platoon of science scholars before revealing them in these pages. A science thread runs throughout the explanations, as well as the entire book, but the whole work is written in fishermen’s language as a fishing book for fishing success for all fishermen at all education levels

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