Thursday, December 10, 2009

Northern Michigan Fly Fishing Report 12-09-09

Up until the big dump, fishing on local rivers has slowed down a little thanks to the dropping water temperatures – after all, it is December. The Big Manistee continues to give up some good trout with fish focused on nymphs in the slower seams and deeper holes rather than chasing a streamer like they had been doing recklessly the previous month. Pale eggs and smaller bwo/pheasant tails, scuds and caddis for nymphs. Look for the steelhead to be in the bigger, deeper and slower water from here on out until spring. Soft insides and gentle flows with some structure in them will also harbor some fish and demand your presentation be suspended by an indicator to prevent hanging up, but helping with a drag-free presentation.

The other local rivers including the Platte, Betsie and Boardman all have some steelhead in them and you can fish in solitude now that the white stuff is coming down – there are few people out on the water. As with the Manistee, fish the deeper, “smooth-flow” water for you best chance at some chrome. Fish are mixed with both chromers and others that are starting to get more of that winter color making for a great picture with snow in the background. Egg and nymph combos are the way to go with chartreuse being a favorite lately. Get out and swing a fly if you are looking to grab a fish with this technique – water temperatures are only going to drop some more making fish less likely to move to eat.

The Northern Angler

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