Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Favorite Links From The Northern Angler

I recently read an article that prompted me to do a quick blog entry that shares a few of my favorite sites, blogs, or businesses just for the sake of sharing, the article referred to it as "link love". So in no particular order here are a few sites that I feel are well worth a look, share the love. - an online magazine that is full of absolutely awesome flyfishing photography - this is Ted Kraimer's site, one of the best guides and instructors in Michigan - if you are interested in riverfront property, Chad Brown and his team are top shelf - Jordan Lindberg has put together a very informative and entertaining blog - an very cool idea that continues to grow and is well worth a look especially for travelers - if you fly fish for pike or tie pike flies, this one is a must - kinda random but it's where I got the idea for this post and it's full of good biz info

I wanted to keep the list small so that people will spend the time to check the sites out. I welcome feedback on these sites and would like to hear about some of your favorites. Thanks!

The Northern Angler


BonerfishBrian said...

Thanks for mentioning Catch Magazine. Todd Moen and I are doing our best to show fly fishing as an exciting, colorful, challenging, artistic and dynamic sport. Through worldwide contributors, with incredible skill (and some luck) we hope everyone appreciates the time and effort that goes into making fantastic fly fishing photos and video. Brian O'Keefe

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Firstly thanks for plug regarding PFFA. I have something similar except I have so many top blogs to keep track of that I actually started a new blog called "Fishingblogdom". Its also a place for me to show people out there images of Finland I've taken

Have great week.

The Northern Angler said...

No problem guys, thank you for continuing to bring the sweet content. One thing that I always stress to people is that fly fishing isn't just for trout in the river, that there are countless opportunities out there and both of you prove that point in a big way!


Flyfishmap said...

Well thanks for the 'link love' Kirk! You were one of our earliest members, something we don't forget and its great that you still think about us.

Keep an eye on the mail, I posted you a little Flyfishmap goodie yesterday!

The Northern Angler said...

I just got the Flyfishmap stickers yesterday, thanks a lot and keep up the good work!